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Dr. David E. Kirkland

David E. Kirkland is a transdisciplinary scholar of language, literacy, and urban education, who explores through the construct of literacy the intersections among language, race, gender, and urban youth culture. His work has also explored, among other things, urban teacher preparation, digital media, and the sociopolitical aesthetics of revolutionary justice as (re)produced in artifacts of Hip Hop. He has spent the past decade analyzing the culture, language, and texts of groups of urban American youth, and has expertise in critical literary, linguistic, and ethnographic research methods. He has received many awards for his work including NAEd/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, NCTE Cultivating New Voices Fellowship Award, 2006 AERA Division G Dissertation Award, among many others. He has published widely.  His most recent articles include: “‘Books Like Clothes’: Engaging Young Black Men with Reading” (Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy), “Listening to Echoes: Teaching Young Black Men Literacy, and the Distraction of ELA Standards” (Language Arts), “‘Black Skin, White Masks’: Normalizing Whiteness and the Trouble with the Achievement Gap” (TCRecord), “English(es) in urban contexts: Politics, Pluralism, and Possibilities” (English Education), and “We real cool: Examining Black males and literacy” (Reading Research Quarterly). He recently completed his fourth book, tentatively titled A Search Past Silence:The Literacies of Black Males , which is part of Teacher College Press‘s Language and Literacy Series (forthcoming, Feb. 2008). Dr. Kirkland believes that, in their language and literacies, youth take on new meanings beginning with a voice and verb, where words when spoken or written have the power to transform the world inside-out.


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