This poem is a response to the fatal and tragic circumstances surrounding the malicious murders of several Black males in the summer of 2014 (and prior). It is eulogy to innocence loss, premature departures, and the disappearance of hope, which seems suddenly obscured by a dark veil of nihilism blanketing this “time past race.”   

* * *

The night was long—

Black dreams were missing like Black bodies buried beneath mahogany mud— stretched from Mississippi to Mandingo sands.

Dark souls descended upon hot streets blazoned by ghetto flames,

Burning upon the breast of fiery dark places,

And streams of red blood crept six feet beneath the hard surface of Ghetto Earth.

The night that challenges the light of the Sun,

the darkness of the night stalked the Son—

At once closing his eyes.

He is now blind to his Blackness,

While hues of crimson Blues encroach upon his dark skin.

The night, the shadow of his Blackness, appears so with emptiness—

Eclipsed stars, the fallen dreams in his skies,

Give way to a broken moon—which is his crescent heart.

Then, I felt his mother’s tears, drenched upon Black garments that draped her supple, sable lap.

Prevailing in audacious echoes were sorrow songs,which provoked shrieks of wild thunder beneath the Black veil that hid her eyes.

We forgot about her because she was hidden behind the shade of our darkness.

She is our tomorrow—the sparrow and her song

which bear the light of morning, piercing the darkness of today

like the full moon and moonlight that leads to a new day.

Weeping, though it endures for a night,

Joy sits at the edge of dawn—

A new day forthcoming, which says to us . . .

The Son will arise

once more.

                                                                       —By David E. Kirkland

* * *

  1. Please check out the following links for more information about the murders of unarmed Black males in the summer of 2014 and the chronic, historic violence aimed at them in recent years:

One thought on “SUMMER OF 2014

  1. Very sad, the hatred you project to such impressionable minds. The statement that ‘Black Lives Matter’, its ‘Black Lives Matter when White Police are involved’. Do you not read the news? The 30+ Black deaths in Baltimore since the riots? Black on black murders and crimes go un-mentioned in the Black community. Where is Al Sharpton now? Where is Jessie Jackson now? Now that the cameras are off and they have finished using the situation for their own personal gains. The real injustice is that bigoted and racists “teachers” are using their positions to continue the hate against whites, but NEVER talking about black on black crime and murders. Never is it spoken about personal responsibility and family and moral values. Why is that? Because its easier to point to others than look in the mirror. Baltimore will go the same way as Detroit. Racism is rampant in city hall, and the local justice system. and using your bully pulpit as a ‘teacher’ is doing a great injustice to your students. Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave if he could see the hatred being spewed. He was a man of reason, approaching injustice in a civilized manner. Why don’t you play some of his speeches in your classroom?…Because you know, deep down inside he is right, that what is going on these days is wrong, very wrong in the name of equality and justice.


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